What makes a good foster carer - video transcript

[Title slide] What makes a good foster carer?

Andy and Evelyn, Disabled Children Foster Carers, Steve and Kimberley – Short Breaks Carers and Theresa Wells, Parent and Child Fostering talk about what they think makes a good foster carer.

Andy - "Yeah I think that it does take patience. I think you have to be brave, and you have to try things new."
Evelyn - "You have to be open minded"
Andy - "Yes".
Evelyn - "You don’t have to have all this good background. You could be somebody else that just wants to try fostering. Don’t be afraid you will be taught all the way."

Kimberley - "You need very little, actually. You just need a big heart and you need the capacity to just be flexible really. "

Theresa - "I think what makes a good foster carer is probably a sense of humour to begin with because there are some hilarious situations you can get yourself into. I think you need to be patient. I think it needs to be understanding. And I think, above all, I think you need to be able to put yourself in the child’s position."

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