How to apply

Find out how to become a Kent Supported Homes (KSH) host or attend one of our information events to find out more.

To start your journey, complete our short online enquiry form, or call us on 03000 42 00 02. Someone from the team will call you back and ask you a few questions about you and your household.

If you are new to supported homes, we will aim to complete the process within 4 months. This will allow our team to do:

  • background checks
  • references
  • training
  • home visits.

Once we've accepted your application, you will be allocated a KSH Assessing Officer, who will take you through the assessment process.

We're doing initial visits online (via Microsoft Teams) at the moment.

During the session, your KSH Assessing Officer will help you complete some further paperwork and will want a virtual tour of your home. You'll also have the chance to ask any questions you may have about the assessment process or about being a host.

Using the information you have provided during the early stages, we'll request an Enhanced DBS check for anyone over the age of 16 living in your property which we will pay for.

We will conduct our own checks with Kent County Council and other councils for any other areas where you have lived in the last 10 years.

If your children, or any other child you have cared for, have ever been subject to a Child Protection Plan, legal proceedings or compulsorily removed from your care, you will not be able to be a supported homes host.

We will take up:

  • three personal references, one of whom will be a family member
  • references from adult children (if applicable)
  • an employment reference (including voluntary work undertaken with children and/or vulnerable adults)
  • a health declaration from your GP.

You will attend pre-panel training which will be held virtually or at one of several training venues in Kent. This is usually for two half days, is interactive and gives you the chance to meet existing KSH hosts and care leavers.

The course aims to help you:

  • develop an understanding of the issues facing young people today
  • understand the roles and responsibilities of Kent Supported Homes hosts.

A KSH officer will visit you to learn more about you and your family and prepare an assessment report. This will include:

  • family history
  • relationships
  • education and employment
  • interests
  • attitudes to risk and safety
  • strengths and vulnerabilities
  • suitability to become a Supported Homes host.

The final step to become a supported homes host is to attend our panel with your KSH Assessing Officer.

The panel is made up of a range of different people with personal and professional experience relevant to supported homes. The panel will make a recommendation on your assessment, which goes to our Agency Decision Maker, who makes a decision about you becoming a supported homes host for Kent.

Once you have completed your assessment and you have been approved by panel, you will be allocated an Accommodation Officer. They will be your main support during your time as a host. They will make sure we find the right young person for your home, and that the placement goes well.

Your Accommodation Officer will hold regular supervision sessions with you, to give you as much support as possible.