Switch to Kent Fostering

If you are already a foster carer and interested in fostering for Kent, we will make sure that your transfer to us is as quick and easy as possible. We always aim to complete your approval within 4 months of your application.

The benefits of transferring to our fostering community are:

  • the potential for payments of up to £58,578.52 per annum (based on one parent and child arrangement with an Advanced Level 3 foster carer)
  • payment for skills to recognise your fostering experience
  • better matching with children and young people and your family
  • primary choice for local children and young people
  • contact more local to where you live
  • supervision and support by experienced, skilled and compassionate fostering staff, who work local to you and from the same offices as your children and young people's social workers
  • access to our ‘Placement Stability Team’ during challenging times, supported by a clinical psychologist
  • access to unique training, which includes our partnership with the Anna Freud Centre, to deliver the ‘Reflective Fostering Program’
  • opportunities to be part of new projects, where your ideas and contributions can impact directly on our children, young people and foster carers
  • opportunities to be part of a range of different fostering schemes including hub families, emergency bed, parent and child and disabled children.

Come along to our online information event on 13 July to find out more.