Why do you foster with Kent Fostering - video transcript

[Title slide] Why do you Foster with Kent Fostering?

Theresa Wells, Parent and Child Fostering, Jen Tobin, Mainstream Foster Carer and Steve and Kimberley, Short Breaks Carers tell us why they foster with Kent Fostering.

Theresa - "We are supported by Kent Fostering in a great way. We have a fostering social worker who we see usually every four weeks. We talk through with her any of the issues that we have. She is also available on the end of the phone"

Jen - "I mean, seriously, if you’re interested in professional development, there is there is no way that you can’t learn and learn and learn some more. The training that is on offer, which is all free, is just outstanding."

Kimberley - "What you get from Kent Fostering is a massive network of years and years of experience."
Steve - "But the main goal is the children."
Kimberley - "Yes."

[Title slide] Foster for Kent. Kent County Council. Kent Fostering.