What do you enjoy most about fostering - video transcript

[Title slide] What do you enjoy most about Fostering?

Andy and Evelyn, Disabled Children Foster Carers and Jen Tobin, Mainstream Foster Carer, tell us what they love about fostering.

Andy - "It’s kind of amalgamated  everything that I love about caring for people. We have had so many incredible experiences. You know, life changing moments for them where, you know, they’ve achieved what they want to achieve and met their developmental milestones."

Jen - "For me, the most rewarding element of being a foster carer is just seeing the progress the children make, you know, emotionally, academically, their self-esteem developing. You see them going into clubs and developing interests in things, building friendships and links within the community. It’s just it’s just the most rewarding job that you can actually have. And yes, it is challenging, but it’s so, so rewarding to see the little faces light up when you can see they’ve had a really good day."

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