Fostering montage - video transcript

[Title slide] Foster for Kent. Kent County Council.

[Title slide] Jasmine Brain, Care Leaver and Personal Advisor

Jasmine - "My experience of living with foster carers has massively changed the way I am today. I think if I hadn’t of been in foster care, then the outcomes of my life could be hugely different to what they are now. The foster carers that I had that made a real difference to my life, there was no agenda, they just wanted to help. And you could see that. And it wasn’t so much that they needed to say lots of things. It was just in the way that they were. And I would always say to foster carers, especially new ones, just as long as it is in your heart to really want to help, then, you know, you can’t go too far wrong."

[Title slide] Andy and Evelyn, Disabled Children Foster Carers

Andy - "The experiences of growing up in a family that fostered children was really fun. To change, to be part of changing their life, they come from difficult backgrounds and to watch my parents work their magic was wonderful. And we’re still in contact with some of the children today. I’ve learned a lot about myself. One thing I would say, and I mean this in a kind of philosophical, deep sense, here I go, that I think I’m enough as I am for kids. I don’t need to be different, I don’t need to be a children’s psychologist or a brain surgeon to understand their minds or what they’ve been through."

[Title slide] Jen Tobin, Mainstream Foster Carer

Jen - "I can honestly say it was the best decision for me to come out of teaching and become a foster carer because a year into being a foster carer, every single time someone from KCC talks to me, another foster carer talks to me, people who are just you know, interested, my friends or family, constantly I’m just told you’re doing a great job. You’re doing really, really well. And everyone’s your cheerleader."

[Title slide] Princess Okwuonu, Kent Supported Homes Host

Princess - "What I enjoy most as a host is actually seeing these young people grow up from a bud into a flower. You know, seeing them walk through your door or walk out of your door with confidence. So those shy things that came into your house now walk out with confidence."

[Title slide] Theresa Wells, Parent and Child Fostering

Theresa - "The rewarding part of parent and child fostering is seeing the mums develop with their babies. They come here often very nervous, very anxious. And to see the babies grow and the mums grow in their confidence for looking after the babies, and when they do go home with their babies and they keep in contact with us afterwards, so we see babies grow. So it’s a really rewarding role. It is a different day, every day. And to see the children change and develop and grow in the time that they are here is just beautiful to see. I wouldn’t want to do any other job than fostering."

[Title slide] Steve and Kimberley – Short Breaks Carers

Kimberley - "What we are all are doing is caring, and actually the foster families around here are as supportive of us as our social workers who are amazing. We’ve been really lucky and we really have been lucky with actually all 3 of our social workers actually have been just the best. There are so many people actually in the background constantly pushing you up and cheering you on and really trying to just help."

[Title slide] Thank you to all of you!