We are committed to providing high quality foster care for children in Kent. This means that we provide the best training and support to our foster carers to make sure that our standards of care are met.

Induction for new foster carers

As a new foster carer you will be given an induction programme covering your first year.

During the induction you will meet members of our team and other foster carers. You will also find out about the ongoing training and development opportunities available to you.

Meet your buddy

You will be paired up with an experienced foster carer, known as a buddy, who will be there to support you through your first months as a foster carer.

Your personal development

Your fostering social worker will work with you to put together a personal development plan for the year ahead that is unique to you.

Your development plan will be reviewed annually as part of your foster carer review.

Telephone support

Telephone support is available 24 hours a day. Call 03000 420 002.

Support groups

Our foster carer support groups meet locally and are a place for carers to share experiences, discuss good practice and learn from each other.

Specific support groups are available for birth children of families who foster.